Melrose Grey Oversized Cosie
Melrose Grey Oversized Cosie

Melrose Grey Oversized Cosie

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Cosie (noun): Old Scots for scarf

Our elegant yet deliciously snug, oversized cosie keeps things chic yet comfy, and available in our beautiful, eco friendly and reusable glass packaging

Throw it over a casual outfit, an evening dress or wrap it into a stocky scarf, however you want to wear it - enjoy its unparalleled style and comfort.  

It is soft, durable and hypoallergenic - meaning it doesn't itch or scratch - completely perfect for anyone suffering with eczema or sensitive skin.

It is also absolutely undyed and is thus the identical colour of the cheeky little Peruvian, now Scottishalpaca its former wearer! 

Dimensions: 70cm / 190cm

Made in Scotland

50% Raised in Scotland Alpaca Wool

50% Recycled Rose Bush

Personalisation available  

Cold hand wash only